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UNIQUE SET OF NDT TECHNIQUES With a 64-channel parallel architecture, Gekko is the only flaw detector offering conventional UT, standard PAUT, TOFD and real-time Total Focusing Method (TFM).

COMPLETE TOOLSET All Gekko techniques (UT, TOFD, PAUT, TFM) are available for conventional and phased-array probes as well as dual array probes (linear and matrix). Delay laws can be calculated onboard avoiding the need to import them from a PC. With a fast SSD hard drive, operators can store large inspection files (10 Gb) and analyze them on the spot using the 10.4’’ touchscreen. Incremented data saving and automatic reports can be customized and exported as PDF files. Data can also be exported for analysis on a PC using the free viewer provided with Gekko.

EASY INTERFACE Gekko’s user-interface is developed to ease the work of operators from level 1 operators to experts. Using simple but powerful wizards, users can customize reliable field-ready applications. Thanks to visual libraries and dedicated apps, the risk for errors is reduced while making the inspection easier and faster.

GUIDED Step-by-step guidance is offered throughout the complete inspection process, including equipment definition, calibration and  acquisition. Gekko offers 3-click calibration tools for probe balancing, material calibration, wedge calibration, TCG and TOFD, for quicker and easier code-compliant inspections.